SenSynth: a Mobile Application for Dynamic Sensor to Sound Mapping | PDF

What if you could make music by waving your hand or shaking your phone? SenSynth is an experiment into using sensors—including magnetic jewelry—to make music on the go.

Ryan McGee, Daniel Ashbrook, and Sean White. In Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 2012.

Abstract: SenSynth is an open-source mobile application that allows for arbitrary, dynamic mapping between several sensors and sound synthesis parameters.  In addition to synthesis techniques commonly found on mobile devices, SenSynth includes a scanned synthesis source for the audification of sensor data. Using SenSynth, we present a novel instrument based on the audification of accelerometer data and introduce a new means of mobile synthesis control via a wearable magnetic ring. SenSynth also employs a global pitch quantizer so one may adjust the level of virtuosity required to play any instruments created via mapping.