MAGIC screenshot

MAGIC: A Motion Gesture Design Tool | PDF

What if you could simply gesture to make a call, without even taking your phone out of your pocket? But what if waving hello to your friend accidentally made a call? MAGIC is a tool to help gesture designers understand which gestures will work and which won’t.

Daniel Ashbrook and Thad Starner. In Proceedings of SIGCHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) 2010.

Abstract: Devices capable of gestural interaction through motion sensing are increasingly becoming available to consumers; how- ever, motion gesture control has yet to appear outside of game consoles. Interaction designers are frequently not expert in pattern recognition, which may be one reason for this lack of availability. Another issue is how to effectively test gestures to ensure that they are not unintentionally activated by a user’s normal movements during everyday usage. We present MAGIC, a gesture design tool that addresses both of these issues, and detail the results of an evaluation.